Friday, January 9, 2009

Pre-Thanksgiving 2008

Even though we are miles away from our friends in California, we decided to continue our annual tradition of having a Pre-Thanksgiving dinner. This was our ninth year of doing this dinner and although we had fun with our new friends, we missed our old friends. Over the past 9 years our dinner group grew from 8 single young adults to 21 people consisting of families. We started again this year with a small group but I am without a doubt that it will get better every year. Drew...we missed your sweet potatoes.

November Snow

Sorry for such a large gap between postings. I sort of got behind and had all sorts of stuff I wanted to share but felt like I needed to post about the old stuff first. I have lots of fun pictures to share.
We had our first snowfall in November and we were really excited. We stood outside in it late at night just so we could experience the fun of it. Little did we know that the November snow was just a tease and we had a lot more in store. The next morning I woke Lyndsey up and kept telling her how we were going to go out and make a snowman. I got us both bundled up in our new snow clothes only to realize that the snow was too powdery for snowman making. I was totally disappointed in a little kid kinda way.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Too Many Bows?

I've become tired of always searching for Lyndsey's hair bows. Seems like I can never find the one that goes with a specific outfit or the matching pair is missing. Today I decided to make a hair bow holder and hung it in her room tonight. I still have more bows to add as I find them but hopefully this will simplify things. I really didn't realized that she had so many. I may have to change it up a bit so it can hold more. We will see.

Bought a New Car

We bought ourselves a new car! It isn't new new but it's new to us. We finally decided that having a vehicle with 4 wheel drive was a priority with all the snow that is expected here. Having no experience with snow driving, I thought that I would feel a lot safer driving Lyndsey and myself around town. Also, I work the evening shift at the hospital and I'll be driving home late at night. Better safe than sorry.

We got an awesome deal, traded in our old Focus, and now are the proud owners of an 05 GMC Envoy Denali. It is completely loaded and the drop down DVD player is awesome for Lyndsey. The gas mileage isn't the greatest but considering our town is so small and we work 2 miles from home, that isn't an issue for us. I love my new car. I think I need to name it. Any suggestions?

Halloween Cupcakes

I decided to bake some cupcakes to take to Del and my coworkers. What can I say, I have been very homemaker-like for the past few days. Yeah I probably shouldn't eat any of them but I did half one with Lyndsey tonight. Boy was it yummy! Shame on me. hehe
I think they turned out pretty cute!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Orange is Lyndsey's favorite color. If she has the choice, she will always choose anything of that particular color. She has orange and pink plates and doesn't like the pink ones as well. Del and I drink two different types of milk and the different types have different lid colors. If I pick my milk carton which has a green lid, she requests "orange milk." I didn't know if it was because of the color of the lid or if she just liked Daddy's whole milk instead. After she went to bed, I decided to do an experiment and switched the lids so my milk was now orange and Daddy's milk was now green. Sure enough she still chose the milk with the orange lid. Silly girl!